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OneTouchGrade is an India based IT-services agency with proven expertise and impeccable performance that we can offer all our clients.

Stunning Brand New UI/UX Design





brand new design

Every brand has their own identity, which we bring to everyone through your breathtaking visual display.

We conduct research to provide fresh colour palettes and first-rate user interface designs to strengthen your brand.

plus Website Design

plus Mobile App Design

plus Email Template Design

plus Logo Design

Adobe XD
Photo Shop


Okay, so your digital product is designed. What’s next? Next comes development. We know this is where things can go awry if it’s not done the right way.

React Python PHP JSON Git Html Java
JS CSS Bootstrap Django API
website development

Website Development

We develop all kinds of custom desktop designs: websites, landing pages, web applications with dashboards, whatever. There’s no limit to what can be done.

React Js

Mobile App Development

Every business needs a mobile app. There’s no way around it. More importantly, what they need is an app that functions flawlessly. That’s something we can deliver.

website development

Full Project Support

Why Us?


Our designs are an effective way to make your business successful. It is geared toward your strategic goals.

Follow the process

We believe building a project is a step-by-step process, and each one helps us comprehend client needs.

Close communication

We have found that keeping in touch with our clients accounts for 60% of a given project’s success.

Meeting the deadlines

We hate falling behind on a project just as much as our clients. That’s why we try to avoid doing that.

Future-proof results

Fads are fine, but some things are timeless. We make every effort to stay on the cutting edge of design.

Exceeding Expectations

You know why we really care about your success? Because it motivates us like nothing else! So it’s a win-win situation.

How We Work

Digital research

Search and compare your brand with competitors

Project planing

Make a effective plans to accomplish your project


Create a brand new design for your project


Transforming digital products with a technology

Project maintenance

Onetouchgrade is to provide a consitent improvements

Launch project

Bring your vision and products for everyone to use


Before ruling the world, test your product first


How long does it take to get started?

Our turnaround is lightning-fast. It's not take too much time, just one week from signing off and we’re there with the kick-off meeting to get it rolling.

What is your typical working process?

We always start a project with analysis, learning the requirements, and making estimates that will be shared in the price proposal. Then it’s off to signing off, kicking off, and getting your business to the next level with a pinch of our design magic.

Do you work on a fixed-price basis or time and material?

Flexibility is the key of success in this crazy world, so we try to suggest an appropriate solution for each specific case we deal with. The more clear and detailed the requirements are, the more accurate will our estimates be. This is the closest we get to the fixed-price model.

How do you usually start new collaborations?

Each new engagement starts with an introduction call or meeting and giving the design/branding brief. If you have a cool project in mind, feel free to get in touch.

Do you guys work with big companies only? We're an early-stage startup.

We’re all for building a borderless world, so we are open to working with any project we come across. By the way, we do believe in startups, and one of those we helped develop from scratch has been sold to Soaked In Nature

How long it will take to get an estimate from you?

We hate to keep you waiting. Setting up a team, making preliminary research and analysis, and getting back to you with the contract will take up to 24 hours from the moment we learn what’s needed. Efficiency is one of Onetouchgrade’s key values.

Do you have a minimum engagement?

We set no entry thresholds for people who want to work with us. But we still believe that a product that needs to be designed can’t be made within a couple of days. After all, we need some time to research, analyze and come up with a strategy. So we’ve set a minimum project duration as 30 hours and we’re waiting for you!

What's the average project duration?

Our team works full-time on every project, so the overall duration will highly depend on the initial estimate. On average, our projects last from 2 weeks to 5 months.

Can we start the development without designs?

Designs help to build User Experience(UX) without distractions. The design is an essential part of the development process and we would not recommend eliminating it. Having everything polished at the designing stage, we can avoid many amendments and revisions at the design stage, which saves both time and money.

What templates does Onetouchgrade use to create design?

We don’t use pre-built templates or kits because there’s just no soul in them. We’re committed to building fully customized and product-based solutions that will meet the expectations of the target users. Each pixel and line is designed with love and passion by our creative minds.

Where should I start with my business if I have an idea?

Hey, you’ve come to the right place! Please get in touch and we’ll help you with the ideation, design, and development. Full cycle on us, no hassle for you. Easy, right?


Mohan Aparna

Aparna Mohan
Owner, SoakedInNature UK

quotePerfect for any start up.

I have enjoyed getting website developed with Shivam and the team is trustworthy, creative and professional - just what you need in your website developement. Keep going 🙂

Poonam Garg

Poonam Rohit Garg
Founder of canvas2craft

quoteExcellent work on our requirements.

Shivam has completed the website development within the agreed-upon timeline, with the must-have functionalities. He has been responsive to our queries throughout the development life cycle.

Aaron Agarwal

Aaron Agarwal
Operations Lead - Britna

quoteFound the service to be Excellent.

A fantastic organisation! Great cutomer support from beginning to end of the process. The team are really informed and go the extra mile at every stage. I would recommend them unreservedly.


Zaw Phone Maw
Student - PhoneReviewer

quoteShivam is very amazing guy.

I am very satisfied with his work. Also, our communication for the project was the best. He is always available with all answers of any quetions. So, I highly recommend him for professional job!

Chirag Vyas

Chirag Vyas
Managing Director - CVFA

quoteGreat work by organisation.

We are the leading insurance service provider in Gujarat. Shivam Ghiya compiled an ERP portal for our website, and as a result, our own system provides everything, along with a customised dashboard.

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